Who are we?

DON Uitzendgroep est. 2000 is a fast growing international employement agency that searches and recuites staff, over 20 years from the Netherlands, Germany and many other European countries. Our staff is enthusiastic, specialized and we do everything we can to find the best possible match between employer and employee.

At DON Uitzendgroep you will find skilled professionals who speak Dutch, English, German, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Spanish and Portuguese to ensure that the recruitment process runs as smoothly as possible. DON Uitzendgroep, provides jobs every day to European professionals.

Important core values which come first at DON Uitzendgroep:

– involvement
– positivity
– customer driven
– working together

International Workforce

There is always a need for good employees in technology, catering, logistics and industry. Due to the shortage of Dutch workers, (professional) people from other EU Member States are a good solution.



Technical industry



Metal industry



We think about and work with relationships

At DON Uitzendgroep we don’t think in “Clients” and “Temporary staff”, But we think about working with relations.
We listen to your wishes and together we look for the best match. Building and maintaining a relationship creates a strong connection. For the business community, we are happy to fulfill a partner role where our relationship managers provide full support. Every relationship has a permanent manager.

U can expect from don Uitzendgroep that we know our proffession, and that we constantly search for the best talents! We like to build a partnership with all our relations!

Will you build with us so that we can grow together? We would like to introduce ourselves properly to you!

Together we’ll make it work!

don Uitzendgroep is established since 2000 by Christa Roijakkers – van den Bogaard.

This one-woman business, which expanded rapidly, turned out to be a great success.
With the arrival of Nicole Roijakkers, her daughter, the success expanded more.

All this ensures that this strong female duo together form the pillars cast in concrete that support don Uitzendgroep and make it what it is.

Christa Roijakkers – van den Bogaard (r)
Nicole Roijakkers (l)

Board of directors

Maik Beikes has extensive experience in the temporary employment sector and is specialized in technical personnel.

As Head of Sales at don Uitzendgroep, he safeguards the vision of the commercial process and knows how to use his talent in a charming way.

Relationship management and building a large network are in his genes and he practices top sport when maintaining relationships with partners and employees.

His ultimate goal is to take don Uitzendgroep to the highest level together with his colleagues, where relationship management and job satisfaction of our temporary workers are the spearheads in that process.

“Honesty creates long-lasting relationships and trust”


Maik Beikes

Head of Sales

Ioana Radulescu is as hoofd recruiter responsible for for the recruitment and selection team. This team of international talents searches daily for the best employees for our partners.

With her experience she knows how to push the correct buttons when negotiating placements. Her strength is creatively source highly qualified candidates using recruiting software, social media, telephone acquisition and employee referrals.

She knows how to bind and retain every candidate, which means she invests in long-term relationships. Her day is not successful until the employee lets her know.




Ioana Radulescu

Head of recruitment